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We hear from many clients that they have wanted to move for a long time, but were overwhelmed at the prospect of packing. So much treasure. . .so many rooms. . .so many things too good to throw away, but no longer appropriate for your lifestyle.

We can help with all of it.

  • We’ll help you identify what to take to your new residence to enhance its beauty, comfort and hominess
  • We’ll help you and your loved ones identify what might go to their homes
  • We’ll help find auction houses and consignment shops that can earn top dollar for your no-longer-needed treasures
  • We’ll help you decide which charities will make the best use of the household goods you no longer need.

Best of all, we’ll pack it for you and get everything where it needs to go – even the trash!

The number one comment our clients make when downsizing is,

I can’t believe how much lighter I feel without all that stuff! – K.A., Vienna, VA