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What makes you different from other companies helping seniors move?

The scope of our service, taking you from the first thoughts of moving, to setting up all of your furniture and belongings in your new home, is one of the major differences between Pack-N-Move and other companies.

What is “staging?”

Staging is the process of preparing a home for sale so that it shows at its very best. The staging process is, at a minimum, de-cluttering the whole property, arranging furniture to showcase the rooms, and tidying up the yard to give the house curb appeal.

Do I have to pack my personal belongings?

You are always welcome to pack whatever items you wish, but we are happy to pack everything for you. Our careful, reliable staff are used to doing this for people and we can pack quickly and professionally, making sure that everything will arrive your new place safely.

Do you actually move my things?

We have long-standing relationships in the moving business, and have worked with the best. We can help you choose your movers or recommend our own, and we always supervise the process on moving day.

What do I have to do on moving day?

We usually recommend that you have a day out and enjoy yourself! There is a lot of activity, with people running in and out at both the old place and your new home, and your move manager will coordinate everything according to the plan she designed with you. Have lunch with friends, go to a matinee, and look forward to the wonderful new home that awaits you!

How much do your services cost?

Obviously, this is something that everyone wants to know, but until we have discussed with you the scope of the project, it is impossible to say. However, our prices are extremely competitive and our clients are usually pleasantly surprised, particularly if they have had quotes from other companies!

My children want to help with the move. If I use Pack-N-Move, can they still participate?

Of course! Our strength is in helping everyone identify what they can do, what they have time to do, and then we can fill in. It’s wonderful to see families work together to help their loved one’s move go as smoothly as possible.

I’m thinking of moving, but the idea of getting rid of so many things in my house just overwhelms me. What should I do first?

Give us a call, we’ll sit down and review our strategies with you. We’ll help you identify what to take to your new home, what items can be given to family, and what items can be sold or donated.

I am moving from a rehabilitation center to a retirement community. How do I get my house emptied out quickly?

We’ll be glad to sit down and develop a strategy. We have done auctions, and various ways to sell or donate your furnishings. Once you are on our calendar, it can happen very quickly. Give us a call today!